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Allocation and Monitoring Policies

Transparency and communication are key

The applicant must be a community group or charity, applying from a Scottish address, providing services to one of our funding themes and it must be seeking an award of more than £5000.00. It is a requirement of accepting a grant that recipients provide a brief report, within an agreed timeframe, that shows the monies have been spent on the purpose set out in the application form. Further detail is set out on our Monitoring Policy. No changes to the work or project will be made without the written agreement of the Trust. 


Successful applicants will advise the Trust of the following, as soon as possible: 

a) Any significant change to its objectives and strategies
b) Significant alterations to its governance
c) Resignations of one third or more of the trustees/directors
d) Changes to key contact personnel 


Awarding of Grants 


Every request will be assessed on their need and the potential impact. Trustees will have a vote with majority passing. Awards will be issued subject to a risk assessment being carried out. This will seek to ensure that it is a suitable and appropriate recipient. These due diligence steps will include; who the partner is, where it is to be based and who else the recipient is involved with. Where the risks are higher (e.g. non-registered charity) more extensive due diligence seeking to identify, and verify the identity of the partner will be considered. Further checks will be considered proportionate to the risks involved but the Trust will seek to be risk adverse. Trustees will be alert to the use of charities funds.


Monitoring Policy


On receipt of the grant/award the organisation/individual must agree in writing to provide the trustees with a document showing how the grant has been utilised and provide an impact assessment. If the grant is for long term support then progress reports will be required on a monthly or quarterly basis. To facilitate this the applicant will keep accurate and comprehensive financial records of the receipt and expenditure of the award and make these available for inspection if required. The Trust does not stipulate for a specific style of report but it must be transparent and comprehensive. 

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